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FlyByWire Simulations – A380X Test Flight in MSFS [video]

By 0 The designers who have made the popular A32NX, Freeware A320 for MSFS, are working on their A380X project, also for MSFS. This short video by FlyByWire Simulations features the first footage of the widebody from Airbus flying in the virtual skies. Enjoy the different views that include the virtual…


Aerosoft – A330 Professional P3D v4.5 Available

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The beautiful A330 is ready for Take-off : Aerosoft launch the long haul airliner for P3D v4.5. You will have plenty of tasks to complete, MCDU pages to fill and check before you start the flight and enjoy the fly-by-wire feature. Spoken check-lists, an Electronic Flight Bag and the MCDU…

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Long-haul Flight Passenger Simulation

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Airplane Mode is a simulator for Windows and MacOS where you play the passenger of a long-haul flight over the Atlantic, during 6 hours in real-time. Developed by Hosni Auji, the game allows you to use the onboard multimedia screen integrated in the next passenger back seat, or you can…