Long-haul Flight Passenger Simulation

Airplane Mode is a simulator for Windows and MacOS where you play the passenger of a long-haul flight over the Atlantic, during 6 hours in real-time.

Developed by Hosni Auji, the game allows you to use the onboard multimedia screen integrated in the next passenger back seat, or you can also enjoy your smartphone content, the meals, a book, and other items. Release via Steam expected in 2020.

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Egbert Drenth

I’ve started development of the ‘Waiting for the bus’ simulator…
Anyone interested?


Count me in! In-stand buy for me. P.s. Does it have rain, stinky people and angry bus drivers included? Lol! 😉

Colin Ware

What’s next, waiting at the doctor’s office simulator? DMV line simulator?


This is so funny 😁 I like it. And a 6 hour flight is too short.
This needs to be able to connect and interact with our simulators. Simpilots flying simpassengers.


The only thing I could think of that is more boring is the real thing.