RDPresets – LSGG Geneva Airport MSFS

Your next flight plan destination may be the highly detailed RDPresets’ rendition of Geneva Airport (LSGG) for MSFS, available now at SIMMARKET. Geneva Airport, also

Aerosoft – Geneva Professional P3D4

Thanks to Aerosoft, the second most important airport of Switzerland is available and modelled with many realistic details for P3D4. Genf, or Geneva Professional, has

Aerosoft – Airport Geneva XP

The sloped runway, and the photoreal textures at 0.30m per pixel are just some of the neat features of the X-Plane scenery of Geneva LSGG.

Aerosoft – Geneva Professional Preview

It’s an important Swiss airport that Aerosoft will add soon to their P3D4 Professional series. LSGG Geneva latest screenshots have been posted via Facebook. It

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