Review : DesignSim – Geneva Cointrin Airport LSGG P3D5

Review by Nadeem Z

Airport Overview

Geneva Cointrin LSGG, presented by Design Sim, is an essential experience for flight enthusiasts
eager to explore the Alp region of Geneva in Western Europe. This 2023 rendition accurately
captures the essence of the Swiss city with the latest updates to the terminal building, offering
breathtaking daytime and nighttime approaches. Serving approximately 17 million passengers
annually, this major international airport connects to over 105 destinations worldwide. The
scenery boasts a meticulously designed terminal with immersive textures, creating a realistic
environment for virtual pilots. At night, dynamic lighting transforms the airport into a visually
captivating spectacle. The major plus of this scenery by Design Sim is the inclusion of the new Pier
E wing which is considered the eco-friendly terminal of the Geneva Airport as well as the new
remote apron near Runway 22, which is not included in any other LSGG scenery on the P3D

Airport Features

Design Sim’s Geneva Cointrin LSGG leverages the latest P3D technologies, including Animated
SODE jetways, Dynamic lights, Native P3D ground with HD textures, Volumetric grass, Detailed
airport objects and vehicles, Night environment, Custom taxiway signs with realistic night textures,
Custom runway and taxiway lights, and the airport buildings are accurately modeled. The photo
scenery integrates seamlessly with the default environment, showcasing Geneva’s airport
proximity landmarks and surrounding landscapes. The airport’s modeling and texturing exhibit
high-quality details, especially near the main terminal and on the ground markings. Various
ground vehicles with superior textures enhance the overall ground experience, complementing
add-ons like GSX.

Modelling and Texturing

After carefully examining the terminal and its features, have used high quality textures and have
modelled all the major airport buildings. In addition, they have also included the updated terminal
models which are now capable of hosting the larger airlines such as the B777, A359 and A380.
DESIGN SIM have also included a variety of ground vehicles which flawlessly go along with any
ground addon such as GSX.

Another important item which DESIGN SIM have included is the PAPI light system which is also an
amazing feature to have with its full functionality. The runway and taxiway details are also

Final Feedback

Considering the meticulous attention to detail, impressive performance, and immersive experience
offered, Design Sim’s Geneva Cointrin LSGG Airport stands as a worthwhile investment for flight
simulation enthusiasts. The quality justifies the price, making it a must-have for those interested
in Swiss aviation.
In conclusion, Design Sim’s Geneva Cointrin LSGG Airport is a masterpiece that faithfully recreates
the charm of Geneva in the virtual realm. Whether you’re a casual simmer or a dedicated aviation
enthusiast, this scenery is a valuable addition to your collection. Highly recommended for an
authentic and visually stunning experience in P3D. Kudos to the Design Sim team for their
outstanding work! Looking forward to their future releases!

Review by Nadeem Z

➢ Great attention to Detail, excellent frame rates and decent VRAM usage
➢ Taking advantage of the latest P3D technologies and features
➢ Seamless compatibility with other products.
➢ Adaptation of SODE and Static Objects to bring the airport to life.
➢ HD Ground Imagery and Detailed Ground polygon taxiways and Runways
➢ Updating of the new airport terminal (Pier E) and Remote Apron
➢ Expansion of the Photoreal Area and City Details to cover more of the Geneva City
➢ Problem with the ILS on runway 22 and 05 with errors that are not allowing addons to
capture the Localizer or Glideslope.
PurchaseTest System
Developer: DesignSim
Price: EUR 15.00 (+ tax for EU customers)
AMD Ryzen 7 3700x
Nvidia GTX3080TI running 4K textures.
Prepar3D V5.4

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