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SkySoft Simulation – Lukla VNLK 2020

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Lukla VNLK in Nepal is a very challenging airport able to stress out experienced pilots. But it’s also a hard challenge for airports designers to include the detailed mesh and the sloping runway. Skysoft made it for 32 bit simulators : P3D v1/v3 and FSX.


Aerosoft – Lukla Mount Everest Extreme FSX

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The dangerous airport of Lukla in Nepal, famous for its steep and short runway, has been adapted for FSX by Aerosoft. In fact, Lukla Mount Everest Extreme has much more included than just Lukla : a wide region of surroundings, a total of 5 detailed airports + other upgraded airfields…


Aerosoft – Lukla Mount Everest Extreme P3D4 – Official Video

By 0 It seems like Limesim and Aerosoft decided to produce a quality scenery at the level of the peaks in that area ! With Lukla Mount Everest Extreme P3D4, 400 square kilometers of high definition and photoreal terrain will ship with a very detailed rendition of the famous and thrilling…


Aerosoft – Lukla X Mount Everest in P3D V4 too

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The challenging airport of Lukla in Nepal and close to Mount Everest can be installed now in P3D V4 without any problem. Aerosoft just informed us they upgraded this scenery to version 2.30 to ensure the compatibility with the popular simulator.


Hamburg, Kai Tak and Lukla

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What do these three places have in common? Nothing really, except that you can LAND on all three of them and that they are provided by Aerosoft for you now. Lukla (boxed) is a really steep and short runway in Tibet and Kai Tak (boxed) is the old adrenaline-kicker airport…