Aerosoft – Mt. Everest Airport Vol. 1 Lukla (VNLK) MSFS

Enjoy the ‘new” version of this World’s Most Dangerous Airport “Lukla Airport” (VNLK) aka “Tenzing-Hillary Airport”. The gateway to the Mount Everest. A airport so full of extremes that it is not only known by hardcore aviation enthusiasts anymore but has become a phenomenon among influencers, travel bloggers and documentaries.

This package is a newly developed version of “Lukla – Mount Everest Extreme” by the same developer: one of our most popular sceneries of the past two decades that has won many awards – among them the simFlight Award. This new version is setting the bar even higher again. More details, more animations, more of the real Lukla! And off course available via simMarket.

Truth be told: There are airports that are higher. There may be airports that have a shorter runway. There even may be airstrips somewhere that have an even worse upwards slope of the runway. Or others that have a mountain wall at the end of its runway. What makes Lukla stand out is a combination of all those factors in one single airport!

Not enough thrill for you? Count in weather as a factor. No navigational aids. Limited documentation of approach and take-off routes. An uncontrolled airspace with fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters.


  • Detailed 3D terrain model of Lukla airport with high-resolution photorealistic textures
  • Newly constructed Lukla Helipad with terminal building
  • Newly constructed terminal extension with interiors
  • Recently erected Tenzing-Hillary statue and gardens right next to the runway
  • Lots of animated people, animals, creek along the runway
  • Animated ground service ATV
  • Realistic night lighting
  • Various typical sounds
  • Detailed manual
  • CONS: No flat runway 😉
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