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Flight Sim Commander 10 FSX FS2004

The new version of Flightsim Commander 10 is now online. It will allow FSX and FS9 pilots to keep on planning their flights, but not

FSTramp P3D XP11 FSX

Integrated into the simulator, FSTramp brings various functions in a single tool : moving map, FMS with autopilot, and flight planner of course. The map

M Kulke – XMapsy V2

Xmapsy V2 is a tool for all versions of P3D and FSX to enable various Electronic Flight Bag features, and to display Google Maps as

FS Commander 9.6

FS Commander flight planner is now available in its latest version 9.6 compatible with P3D V3. Of course, it’s not the only feature, it now

FSCommander Updated to 9.3

On his support forum here at simFlight, Volker Heine has announced the release of the 9.3 update to popular flight planning and moving map application

FSXFollow for Mac from

Already available for smaller iDevices, have now released a version of their FSXFollow tool for Mac computers, the first of a line of tools

FS Flight Keeper update 3.4

The multi tools FS Flight Keeper has been updated again, in version 3.4 . Thanks to Thomas Molitor’s continue support, his tool takes advantage of

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