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Milviz WIP on the MU-2

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You need to check this cockpit images that Milviz published today of their work in progress on the Mitsubishi MU-2, stunning! More? They are also working on the MD F-4E Phantom II and on the King Air 350i and both threads show amazing graphical work by their 3D Artist Dmitriy. There are…


MilViz Mu-2 virtual cockpit progress

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A few months ago, we’ve seen the external model preview with closeup views on the tail rivets for instance. Past week, MilViz revealed their actual progress on the 3D virtual cockpit of the Mitsubishi Mu-2.


Mu-2 preview by Milviz

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Designed by Milviz, the Mitsubish Mu-2 has its 3D model in preview at Facebook. The first comments already consider it’s awesome at this development stage. Indeed !