Milviz WIP on the MU-2

You need to check this cockpit images that Milviz published today of their work in progress on the Mitsubishi MU-2, stunning!

More? They are also working on the MD F-4E Phantom II and on the King Air 350i and both threads show amazing graphical work by their 3D Artist Dmitriy. There are no release dates set for all three projects.

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  1. Actually, since the SFAR was implemented requiring pilots flying the Mits to attend factory approved and designed training programs, there has only been one accident involving an MU-2. If you talk to anyone who flies the airplane, they’ll tell you that the aircraft is by no means dangerous or difficult to fly. It just requires proper training. 99% of all MU-2 accidents are associated with pilot error. Not design deficiencies.

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