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MCE Adds support for JAR A330 and FlyJSim 727

httpv:// Multi Crew Experience for X-Plane often adds new plugins to expand its range of supported aircraft addons, for free. The latest ones are JAR A330 and FlyJSim

Multi Crew Experience for X-Plane

httpv:// Enjoy MCE realistic crew simulation and interaction in X-Plane with Windows OS. This software already supports all the default aircraft plus a number of

MCE supports iFly B744

Multi Crew Experience has been expanded, following the release of the iFly B747-400, to support the new Jumbo so you are no longer flying alone.

Multi Crew Experience and PMDG 777

Also known as MCE, this addon brings to FSX and Prepar3D what they miss : copilot and crew interactions, interactive checklists, realistic ATC and more. With

MCE Adds support for Majestic Dash-8

FS++, the makers of Multi Crew Experience, have announced that support for the popular Majestic Software DASH-8Q-400 regional turboprop package has been added to their

MCE adds DC-9 to line-up.

Multi Crew Experience has been extended again, bringing the add-on’s virtual copilot to the cockpit of the Coolsky DC-9, in addition to its ever extending

MCE Supports QW Avro RJ pack

FS++ Simulations have updated their Multi Crew Experience package again, this time adding support for the Qualitywings Avro Regional Jets pack. “The FS++ team is

Multi Crew Experience updated

FS++ Limited have updated Multi Crew Experience, with the latest addition to the fleet supported by the voice control software being the Quality Wings Boeing

Multi Crew Experience gets a Lite version

The developers of popular add-on Multi Crew Experience have added a “lite” product to the range available, providing a lower cost, lower complexity, entry level

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