MCE Adds support for JAR A330 and FlyJSim 727


Multi Crew Experience for X-Plane often adds new plugins to expand its range of supported aircraft addons, for free. The latest ones are JAR A330 and FlyJSim 727.

“The package already supports, FF 777, FF 757, JAR A320, FlyJsim 732, FlyJsim Q400, SSG Emb 175 & 195, , Peter Hager A320, and of course all default X-Plane aircraft” reminds the representative of of FS++ Limited in their Press Release. Get an headset, and talk to X-Plane ATC, interact with a virtual copilot, or even a flight engineer depending of your aircraft type.

FS++ Limited released also recently the RC4 to X-Plane plugin to enable Radar Contact  V4 to work with X-Plane 10, bringing one of the most advanced ATC program to Laminar Research flight simulator.

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