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iBlue Younder – Nantucket Enters Beta

iBlue Younder sceneries are very detailed and top realistic places modelled with special efforts in the buildings, and terrain design. Bill Womack also adds custom

Cure found for Railing Fever

Apparently, at some point since his last blog post, Bill Womack has discovered the cure for the “Railing Fever” he had developed, while creating the

Psst! Need a fence?

Continuing his little insights into the process of developing the high quality scenery for which he is famous, Bill Womack of iBlueYonder has today uploaded

iBlueYonder project near US East Coast

Located in New England US State, Nantucket airport is the current project of iBlueYonder (Bill Womack). What should you expect from him ? Realistic objects

iBlueYonder KACK update

Subscribers to Bill Womack‘s iBlueYonder newsletter will have just received two new screenshots and a bit of news, regarding the upcoming “100 Dollar Burger –

First iBlueYonder scenery announced

As promised in his press release at the weekend, Bill Womack already had a project waiting in the wings to announce as the first project

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