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Freeware : NL2000 v5.04 for P3D

The NL2000 team is still busy developing the freeware scenery of the Netherlands for P3D. The NL2000 team released version 5.04. This is an extra

NL2000 – December 2016 update v4.09

In NL2000 freeware scenery for the Netherlands, the new version 4.09 installs now Autogen buildings in all provinces. The full changelog and the download link will

P3D Support from NL2000

The other piece of news that slipped through the net earlier this week is that the developers of the NL2000 project have announced the release

NL2000 ready for Prepar3d

The NL2000 photoreal and freeware scenery to cover Netherlands is now ready for Prepar3d. Download the latest addition to and go through the install

NL2000 v4.03

The NL2000 freeware scenery has been updated to version 4.03. The improvements list is directly found online on this page. Change the whole Netherlands scenery

NL2000 version 4.02

The Netherlands scenery has a new installer in version 4.02. Your Christmas present has updated airports, enhanced 3D scenery (traffic following tunnels and bridges, more

Fokker memorial flight over Haarlem

The NL2000 team have been in touch to let us know about an upcoming event. From their site’s front page: “Haarlem is celebrating Anthony Fokker’s

NL2000 version 4.01 soon

The Netherlands 2000 Scenery team is working on bugs fixes of the actual version 4.0. Their homepage announce an incoming release of a new version

NL2000 v4 Now !

We announced it and it’s now ready for download. NL2000 v4.0 freeware scenery covers all Netherlands of photoreal scenery with more recent and realistic aerial

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