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Open Cockpits replica B737 pedals

If you’re a home cockpit builder looking for controls to look the part, you may be interested in these replica B737 pedals from Open Cockpits,

Saitek Combat Rudder Pedals Review

As real aircraft aren’t flown with sticks only, many serious simmers will, at one point or another, consider acquiring a set of rudder pedals. The

SimAviatik Helicopter Controls

SimAviatik AG from Switzerland sent us a picture of their new helicopter controls that include a pitch lever and pedals. It so happens we’ve seen

Simaviatik Helicopter Hardware

Simaviatik from Switzerland has added some more parts to the simMarket shop. One is a ‘realistic pedal for all helicopter versions. Prototypical replica of the

P-51 Rudder Pedals

If you happened to buy a P-51 recently (there are a few to be found on simMarket now) you’ll want these realistic rudder pedals to

SimAviatik AG Hardware

SimAviatik AG from Switzerland is offering some pretty serious hardware for the home cockpit. Their pedals and flight sticks are metal made and look very

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