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France VFR – Nord-Pas de Calais VFR 3DA P3D

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In France VFR – Nord-Pas de Calais VFR 3DA P3D, you get a 3D photoreal huge photoreal scenery that depicts the Northern region of France. The new VFR Regional Extension Pack series was designed and developped to provide an environment as realistic as possible for VFR flights. It is the result of years…


FranceVFR Paris – Île-de-France VFR 3DA P3D

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The 3DAutomation technology engineered by FranceVFR is particularly well adapted for Paris and its region to be modelled in P3D v4. It allows a very dense Autogen and a realistic placement over the included photoreal textures to depict actually the urban styles and different areas. In Paris Île-De-France VFR pack for P3D,…

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Freeware : FTXDes Serbia Photoreal

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Developed for P3D v3, and probably FSX compatible, the whole Serbia country becomes a photoreal and freeware addon scenery thanks to FTXDes. The huge download – 35 Gb – will require a torrent file. Screenshots and links are found here.


Realworld Scenery – Qatar, SuperHD

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Realworld Scenery have been fairly active throughout the Middle Easts photo-real scenery at the moment. After their initial flow of a few USA photo-real, They introduced Dubai which ended up with their new product which has just been put out on the shelves; Qatar “Super-HD” It looks amazing from the…


Realworld Scenery – Florida Southern

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30 Gb is the filesize of the new Realworld Scenery – Florida Southern that covers the US state from Sarasota and Fort Piece, down to Key West. The photoreal scenery is provided in “super high resolution” and supports FSX, P3D v2 and P3D v1.

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MegaScenery Earth St.Louis 50cm/px photoreal

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The latest title in MegaScenery Earth’s “Ultra-Res Cities” collection is St. Louis, covering 4,000 square miles of photoreal textures at a stated 50cm/pixel resolution. As ever with the Ultra-Res Cities series, the scenery covers the Terminal Area Chart area of the Missouri state city, as well as including PDF charts…

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