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AirSimmer Product Update News and Happy Holidays!

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Could you define the difference between a dream and hope ? The following sounds like a dream although they want us to have hope ! At least, you can repeat it as a joke in your next family meeting. “The AirSimmer Team is proud to announce the release of the…


AirSimmer Update v.1.2 Released

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AirSimmer wrote : “We are pleased to announce that the AirSimmer Development Team has released the much-awaited v.1.2 Systems Update for the AirSimmer A320 Basic Edition, which offers a number of major fixes for CTD’s and other current product issues. You will find detailed information on Systems Update v.1.1 here.”


Maybe Think Twice…..

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…… before getting on to your next Boeing 777 flight? It appears that Rolls Royce’s Trent 800 series of engines can stop working because the fuel in the engines freezes. Yuck ! The NTSB thinks current precautions are not sufficient to prevent possible fatal crashes. Redesign of the fuel system…


A-10’s Still Grounded

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For our military buffs out there: a large number of A-10 Thunderbolt  ‘Warthogs’ are still grounded after cracks were found in one aircraft. It turned out there were cracks in the wings of ALL aircraft of the Davis-Monthan AFB in Arizona. So far engineers have not found a solution for…