AirSimmer Product Update News and Happy Holidays!

Could you define the difference between a dream and hope ? The following sounds like a dream although they want us to have hope ! At least, you can repeat it as a joke in your next family meeting.

“The AirSimmer Team is proud to announce the release of the AirSimmer A320 Basic Edition Systems Update v1.3, available through the TabletPC. Issues fixed: AP/AT critical problem; many CTD’s & sounds bugs. New feature added: Full Systems Cockpit Saving.” Yes, the same were supposed to be fixed since v1.2. Developed for FS2004 A Century Of Flight, we have been simulating A Century Of Bugs.

“Happy Holidays! May 2011 bring you much joy, health and success!” and a working A320 or refund, no ? OK.. seating for NGX.

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  1. Nothing to laugh about and nothing to say. Airsimmer are thieves.Nothing else. I’ve paid about 60 euros for an Airbus that has never been operational.And they were menacing you if you dared to disclose just a screen of the “upcoming” product that never comes. >Simflight is against piracy? Why not so when it is piracy against fair customers?

  2. Yup I too have grown impatient with Airsimmer.

    Forget that their Bus is un-flyable (constant CTD’s) but the complete lack of communication they have with paying customers is unforgivable.

    How hard is it to admit that something is really broken and is going to take a long time to fix or even be honest and say it will not be fixed.

  3. I can only say that this organization should be heavily punished for what they did to the Extended Team.

    ET was the first to buy, there were no plans for a Basic Version and till now dont have a single update since October 2009.

    These guys are crooks! Dont buy their products and be very careful if u ever enconter Zoya or Vasilius.

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