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FSLabs A320 – Promo Video – Ready For Takeoff

By 1 On their Facebook Page, Flight Sim Labs have posted a status update regarding their A320X Project. There’s quite a lot of information regarding what will happen upon release, in addition to some general pointers so I recommend you take a read.


FSLabs – A320X Promo “From a Pilots Perspective”

By 1 FSLabs have published a new promo video on their Facebook page, created by Airline2Sim. In the video above you’ll hear Darryl Letch, a First Officer on the A320 for a major European airline talk us through some of the characteristics of the A320, what he loves most about the aircraft -…

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Promo video for US Cities Los Angeles

By 0 The official trailer video for Aerosoft’s US Cities X Los Angeles has today been uploaded to YouTube by its author. Given the scope of the scenery, it’s going to be of use to fans of many areas of aviation from heavy metal to helicopters, so check out the video…