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Halycon Repackages

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Halycon Media has repackaged yet another bunch of existing FS add-ons and made them available for the German market. Titles include Razbam’s EA-6B Prowler, his F-102 Delta Dagger and the Mig 29 from AFS Design. Many Halycon titles are available through the simMarket on-line shop and you can find them…


Razbam’s EA-6B Prowler On The Hunt

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Razbam has made his Prowler available for purchase on simMarket now. “…. The EA-6B was a more advanced electronic warfare version of the A-6. Despite the fact that it used the same wing and fuselage configuration as the A-6 Intruder, it was in fact virtually a completely different aircraft. Consequently,…

Press Releases

EA-6B Prowler From RAZBAM

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RAZBAM has released its EA-6B Prowler for FSX with 7 different models and with 11 different textures. “……. Highly detailed and fully functional & clickable Virtual Cockpit, model is designed to be flown directly from the Virtual Cockpit, NO 2d cockpit is provided. It includes a custom gauge set and…