Razbam’s EA-6B Prowler On The Hunt

Razbam has made his Prowler available for purchase on simMarket now. “…. The EA-6B was a more advanced electronic warfare version of the A-6. Despite the fact that it used the same wing and fuselage configuration as the A-6 Intruder, it was in fact virtually a completely different aircraft. Consequently, it was given a new name–Prowler…..”. Available here from simMarket’s on-line shop.“…… Despite its designation, the EA-6B was not a conversion of the A-6B, which was a defense suppression attack aircraft. Instead, the EA-6B Prowler was a four-seat electronic warfare aircraft designed to jam and deceive enemy radar and communications facilities. In later versions, it had the ability to fire HARM missiles against radar sites….”.

This is a Flight Simulator X version with 7 different models and 11 different textures.

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