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Razbam Metroliner WX radar testing

Already available since past December, the Metroliner III of Razbam is about to receive its first Service Pack. As the developers are facing some troubles

Razbam Douglas A/B-26 Invader

Served during WWII and Cold War, the Douglas A/B-26 Invader “Spirit of Waco” is one of the current projects at Razbam workshop. Under Razbam logo on

RAZBAM Metroliner III first video

httpv:// To complete their already impressive aircraft collection, RAZBAM showcase the Fairchild Swearingen Metroliner III for FSX in this first video. It’s 30 minutes long so

RAZBAM SA227-BC Metroliner III released

Possibly one of the lowest key releases ever comes in the form of RAZBAM‘s Fairchild Swearingen SA227-BC Metroliner III turboprop airliner for FSX and Prepar3D

Razbam Metroliner development news

This twin turboprop will fly in FSX and Prepar3d V2 skies. Razbam adds they will make a paint kit and the developement is nearing completion.

Razbam E120 early development shots

Among the current projects of RazBam, they have revealed one of them is the Brazilian Embraer EMB 120. The turboprop launched on the market during

Razbam A-26 preview

One of the current project at Razbam workshop is giving detailed shapes and detailed textures gauges on the Douglas A-26 bomber for FSX. His operation

Razbam: “Ten”

This may well be old news to many now, but in case you haven’t seen it, we’ve just received a link to the video above

Razbam – Harrier GR.7/GR.9

httpv:// This new Harrier package of Razbam will enable air refueling exercises : their Harrier GR.7 and GR.9 have working air refueling probe, working engine

RAZBAM release Harrier GR.7 & 9

Following on from their recent release of the US AV-8B Harrier II , RAZBAM have now released the British GR.7 and GR.9 versions of the

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