Razbam Metroliner development news


This twin turboprop will fly in FSX and Prepar3d V2 skies. Razbam adds they will make a paint kit and the developement is nearing completion.

Click here for more external and virtual cockpit previews.

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  1. What’s the message you’re referring to ?
    I’ve read P3D v2 only twice : “Darryl Prime So not FSX ?
    26 de noviembre a la(s) 17:38 a través de celular

    Razbam Sims nope, sorry, by the time it´s out, who knows where FSX will be (and by that i mean, there is no time frame for the Orion)
    3 · 26 de noviembre a la(s) 17:42”
    “Preston Martin You guys said this will be P3D2 only correct?
    Razbam Sims indeed”

  2. Those comments were posted on a picture of the P-3 Orion they’re doing… Nothing to do with the Metroliner which has already been beta testing for a while for early purchasers in FSX.

  3. Yep, need to edit your post, as the Metroliner is definitely ALSO for FSX… not just P3D…

    As it would appear, it looks all set for release some time this week, but that is only going off some of the comments left by the RAZBAMsim team on their facebook page…

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