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SimBitWorld – A Pilot’s Life : your career in MSFS

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A Pilot’s Life is now also compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator. Existing customers can use it right now for free. It generates a job market, it tracks your flights to make you earn virtual money and experience. Numerous users wrote very positive reviews at simMarket.


A Pilot’s Life – Pilot Career now in X-Plane as well

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The pilot career simulation tool A Pilot’s Life of SimBitWorld is now also compatible with X-Plane, beside P3D and FSX. Your first flights will be assigned to you as copilot in a small company. Become a senior captain in a major airline if you gain experience and rise your pilot…


SimBitWorld – A Pilot’s Life

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A Pilot’s Life is a software made to simulate a virtual career of commercial pilot in P3D and  FSX. You receive a salary, there’s a job market, and you can use a real flight schedules generator. The flights data include the flight logging and landing rate, they will impact your…