SimBitWorld – A Pilot’s Life, Chapter 2 – Latest Updates Info and New Official Trailer

In the latest updates for SimBitWorld’s A Pilot’s Life, Chapter 2, version introduces an exciting addition with the inclusion of VATSIM map type on the live map displayed on the flight page, enhancing the realism of the pilot experience. Additionally, a fix has been implemented for map bounds on the live map, ensuring accurate depiction of flight routes and surroundings. Version B brings improvements to flight and block times calculation, enhancing the precision of time-related data crucial for flight planning and scheduling.

Version B focuses on enhancing the user interface and functionality of the live map on the flight page. Notable improvements include an increased refresh rate for current aircraft and a decreased refresh rate for other traffic, improving overall map performance. Moreover, features like the addition of website live map link to the user’s flight, autofollow option, and improved autozoom functionality further enrich the pilot’s experience. This version also includes various minor fixes and improvements to ensure smoother gameplay.

Changelog :


  • added VATSIM map type on live map on flight page
  • fix for map bounds on live map on flight page


  • improvements to flight/block times calculation

Alongside these updates, SimBitWorld reminds you that they released an optional expansion “A Pilot’s Life, Chapter 2 – Passenger Announcements Expansion.” This expansion introduces multilingual accents, with 14 different language options, enhancing the authenticity of in-flight announcements. Leveraging AI voice generation, the expansion promises realistic and natural-sounding announcements covering all stages of the flight journey. With customization options and easy integration into the APL V2 system, pilots can tailor their experience to suit their preferences seamlessly. Additionally, the expansion offers the flexibility for pilots to use their own PA sound files or share them with the community, fostering a collaborative environment within the simulation community.

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