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IndiaFoxtEcho – A-4E/F/G/H/K Skyhawk FSX Edition

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Despite of the lower and lower interest for FSX, there were still enough fans requests to IndiaFoxtEcho that convinced him to adapt the P3D4 version of the A-4E/F/G/H/K Skyhawk. And he made it possible for FSX pilots ! In that case, it’s not possible to have PBr materials and the…


IndiaFoxtEcho – A-4E/F/G/H/K Skyhawk Package P3D v4.4

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Get ready to fly in the “scooter”, IndiaFoxtEcho released their Skyhawk package featuring numerous versions of the Douglas A-4. If the first actual aircraft was engineered in the 1950’s, you get here a 2019 model for P3D v4.4 with PBR effects, VRS Tacpack weapons support and many other accurate features.…

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Virtavia’s Skyhawk available

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The venerable A-4 Skyhawk is one of the icons of US Naval Aviation. The little single engined strike fighter entered service in tbe 1950s and, through many versions and upgrades, is actually still in service outside of the US armoury in the 21st century. With 26 models and cockpits to…


RNZAF A-4K Kahu Package

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Frat Brothers Design is presenting their (first?) commercial project in the form of an A-4K Skyhawk of the Royal New Zealand Air force. “…. At the time the RNZAF A-4K Skyhawk was the most up to date and capable A4 still operating in the world. Unique to this model was…


Carenado’s Cessna Skyhawk For FS2004

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Carenado has made a special FS2004 version of their wonderful Cessna Skyhawk II for FSX. It comes with all the ‘normal’ features such as moving parts, nice textures and such, but also includes full checklists and other documentation. In addition the flight model is based upon official data and own…