Virtavia’s Skyhawk available

The venerable A-4 Skyhawk is one of the icons of US Naval Aviation. The little single engined strike fighter entered service in tbe 1950s and, through many versions and upgrades, is actually still in service outside of the US armoury in the 21st century.

With 26 models and cockpits to choose from, varying through 4 US and 1 RAAF livery, this package from Virtavia for FSX (Acceleration required for full functionality) will be a good addition to the hangar of naval aviation enthusiasts both of the cold war and modern eras. Centering on variants of the E and F models of the Skyhawk, the package is advertised as having a “fully functional APG-53A radar unit, with multiple modes and functions” and comes with a paint kit, for those who want to take on more schemes of this warhorse than are included with the package. Check it out here.

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