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Mission STS-98 For SSM2007

SSM2007 is announcing yet another add-on mission for their shuttle sim. “…… STS-98 started with the liftoff of the Space Shuttle Atlantis on Feb 7th,

SSM2007 Service Pack 2

Exciting Simulations “……. is happy to announce the release of the Space Shuttle Mission 2007 most anticipated Service Pack. Service Pack 2 adds a new

Missions STS-124 For SSM2007

Exciting Simulations announced their next free mission. “…..The next mission for Space Shuttle Mission 2007 is STS-124. STS-124 started with an uneventful Discovery launch on

New Space Shuttle Demo Released

Exciting Simulations reports that “…….The Space Shuttle Mission 2007 new Demo has been released. The new demo includes full support for the Vuzix iWear VR920

Performance Boost For SSM2007

Exciting Simulations reports “……. The Space Shuttle Mission 2007 upcoming Service Pack adds a new mission, new features, but most significantly, it brings with it

Another New Free Space Shuttle Mission

Exciting Simulations has published yet another free add-on mission to their Space Shuttle Simulation 2007 program. “……..The Space Shuttle Mission 2007 gets today the famous

More SSM2007 News

Exciting Simulations, the builders of the Space Shuttle Sim SSM2007, report they are “….. pleased to report that Space Shuttle Mission 2007 now supports the

More SSM2007 News

Exciting Simulations “……is pleased to report that it has begun the development for including Space Shuttle Mission 2007 support for the Vuzix head-tracking stereoscopic goggles.

SSM2007 Ground School

Exciting Solutions reports that “…….Ground School is open for all those Astronaut Candidates who want to learn and study various aspects of the Space Shuttle

Another SSM2007 Mission Released

Exciting Solutions, the team behind the Space Shuttle Mission 2007 simulator, released yet another free add-on mission for the product “…..Today the famous Shuttle Radar

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