Missions STS-124 For SSM2007

Exciting Simulations announced their next free mission. “…..The next mission for Space Shuttle Mission 2007 is STS-124. STS-124 started with an uneventful Discovery launch on May 31, 2008 commanded by Navy Cmdr. Mark E. Kelly assisted by Pilot Navy Cmdr. Kenneth T. Ham……”.

“…..  STS-124 is one of the busier ISS assembly mission. It carried the Japanese ISS laboratory “Kibo”. Kibo’s size prevented the installation of the OBSS boom (for thermal tiles inspection) in the Shuttle’s cargo bay. Instead, the Astronauts used the one left on the ISS by the previous STS-123 mission.

During this mission, the Discovery and ISS crews installed and performed initial activation of the Kibo module, and tested the Japanese Remote Manipulator System. The mission included three long and complex Space Walks, testing the stamina, patience and professionalism of the EVA team — Mission Specialist Air Force Reserve Col. Michael E. Fossum and Mission Specialist Air Force Col. Ronald J. Garan Jr. The crew also included an Astronaut from the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) – Mission Specialist Akihiko Hoshide.

STS-124 concluded with a perfect landing at the Kennedy Space Center on June 14, 2008.

In the best SSM2007 tradition, the STS-124 free add-on allows budding Virtual Astronauts to experience the launch, on-orbit mission including the deployment of the Kibo module, Space Walks and activities and return to Earth by manually landing the Discovery at the Kennedy Space Center.

The Space Shuttle Mission 2007 is available for online purchase in downloadable format at the SSM2007 official website: The latest Demo can also be downloaded freely at the same website…….”.

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