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YAK-40 For FS2004

Suprunov Design has released his Yak-40 for FS2004 once again, now with some price reduction and enhancements. The Yak is an interesting Russian ‘bizjet’ and

FS2004 Yak-40 Full Package

Suprunov Design from Siberia has released a ‘full package’ of their FS2004 Yak-40. “….. This package represents full assembly of all fixes, patches, extra files,

En Route Charts For Yak-40

Suprunov Design has released its Yak-40 En Route charts booklet as a separate product for those interested. The pages are included in the boxed Yak-40

FS2004 Yak-40 In Gold Package

Igor Suprunov from Russia now offers his well-known FS2004 Yak-40 in a special ‘Gold package’ on simMarket. “….. This aircraft model is available for individuals

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