The Vampire will soon haunt your FSX dreams!

vampire_300Suprunov Design from Russia stands for the Yak-40 as most of you know! but now there is substantial hope that they will be known for something not greater but different, their soon to be released DeHavilland DH.100 VAMPIRE FB.5 / FB.9.

If you don’t know out of your head what FB.5 or FB.9 stand for you are not a true Vampire fan.. but as we are/were not either i was not ashamed to quickly look it up on Wikipedia :

FB 5 : Single-seat fighter-bomber version. Powered by the Goblin 2 turbojet. 930 built for the RAF and 88 for export.
FB 9 : Tropicalised fighter-bomber through addition of air conditioning to Mark 5. Powered by Goblin 3 turbojet. 326 built, mostly by de Havilland.

Now why SD choose these versions , only they can answer but what i do know is that there will be some kind of price bonus for previous Yak-40 customers.

Until the release checkout some preview screenshots!

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