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NGX ‘community development’ project

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NGX Live is a service designed for users of PMDG’s B737NGX product to bring some community back into flying, using Teamspeak and Google Earth integration to allow pilots to find each other and communicate, whether flying in a multiplayer environment or not. Although the site is heavily branded with and…


Another FSHost Server To Fly On

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James Harris writes us that he’s set up an FSHost server. “….Here at World Multiplayer & Teamspeak we are attempting to put the FUN back into multiplayer without all the regulations that most multiplayer services now have. We leave it up to you the user to decide where you want…


Space Shuttle Mission 2007: Community Wiki and TeamSpeak

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In a press release sent to us by the SSM2007 Team, they wrote the following: A group of SSM2007 gurus have created an independent Wiki with tons of useful information which helps in completing SSM2007 missions successfully. The Wiki contains explanations and videos about various procedures such as RMS operations,…