Space Shuttle Mission 2007: Community Wiki and TeamSpeak

In a press release sent to us by the SSM2007 Team, they wrote the following:
A group of SSM2007 gurus have created an independent Wiki with tons of useful information which helps in completing SSM2007 missions successfully. The Wiki contains explanations and videos about various procedures such as RMS operations, rendezvous, docking, landing and full checklists for every current SSM2007 mission. In addition, the gurus have opened a TeamSpeak channel for regular meetings during real NASA Shuttle launches and missions and for discussions regarding SSM2007 missions.
The Wiki and TeamSpeak is run and maintained by a team of volunteers and is updated on a daily basis.
The Wiki, aptly called “Space Shuttle Mission — Community Wiki”, can be found at .  The TeamSpeak channel is accessible from the Wiki itself to all legal SSM2007 owners. If you own a license of SSM2007, you cannot ignore this new and exciting independent resource.

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