B767 Takeoff Performance Calculator

Before you fly a 767, a useful utility appeared at simMarket store : the B767 Takeoff Performance Calculator computes the V Speeds reference according to your flaps

Toper Calculator 787

In order to prepare and compute all the needed data, any serious virtual pilot airliner has to gather accurate information and to compute precise parameters. Nikola

Toper Calculator 737 Classics

This easy to use tool will calculate V-Speeds for your Boeing 737–300/-400/-500 takeoff performance. It takes in account the assumed temperature, the flaps position used 5°

Take off tool for B772

This latest “Fly Pro Series” tool from the arsenal of Nikola Jovanovic allows users of simulated Boeing 777-200 aircraft to calculate the correct assumed temperature

TOPER (Takeoff Performance) Calculator tool

Nikola Jovanovic has released this low-cost tool to aid pilots of simulated Boeing 737-800 aircraft with CFM56-7B26 engines to operate their aircraft as realistically as

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