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American Truck Simulator project

The developers team of SCS Software have been split to work on different projects at the same time. The first ones work on expanding Euro

Expansion in development for ETS 2

A few months ago, SCS Software released a pleasant simulator for truck drivers on PC : Euro Truck Simulator 2. You may have explored nearly

SCS Software projects

Some of you must have accumulated already dozens of thousands of miles in Euro Truck Simulator 2. SCS Software confirms they have started to develop

Euro Truck Simulator 2 released

Yes, the time has come to start your engines and haul mass across a slightly compressed version of Europe in a variety of articulated Heavy

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Master Gold

httpv:// In the entertainment industry, the master is the final version of the product, approved ready for distribution after validation. Yes, Euro Truck Simulator 2

Scania Truck Driving Sim – Update 1.4.0

SCS Software advises customers of Scania Truck Driving Sim to update their game to version 1.4.0. It’s not only a patch, it expands also the “Deliveries”

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