DAF trucks for Euro Truck Simulator 2

SCS Software are happy their latest truck simulator has been well received as it shows good sales results. On the other hand, the drivers will receive soon an update for Euro Truck Simulator 2, with licensed DAF trucks !

Scroll down their blog homepage and you’ll find a hotfix for crashes and improvement of fatigue.

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  1. I tried the demo and liked the game, but what put me off was that I was unable to look left and right from the cab, dunno if that was a restriction of the demo or not though, as I’ve seen videos of people looking left and right from the cab!

    1. I think it’s the mouse, from memory, to look around the cab. I don’t have ETS2 (yet… I may well end up reviewing it for here, the way things are going) but that’s how it worked in the past.

  2. I tried the mouse and my joypad, if you set a key it tries to look but snaps straight back again, which made me wonder if it was a limitation with the demo, The camera works fine from outside the cabin.

    1. Hi Tom. Many of us here, visitors or editors are also interested in other PC games and of course especially in other simulations. Don’t worry, you’re not the first one to give your mind about this here. And I agree with the answers I read to such questions. From what we’ve seen, it’s not just a feeling, simMarket sales talk as well. People evoluating around here also like Farming, Racing, Spading and other driving sim… not only FS. Well, some of you are focused only on flight, fine.. but the community is made of different kind of people. Anyway, we remain mainly flight oriented as you’ve noticed but we are not just closed to other things. It would be like complaining that a wider video games website writes about the PC hardware from time to time.

  3. Fine by me, i am a gamer by heart, but you might want to change “flight simulation news” in your logo to fit the new content ūüôā Might I suggest working title “simGAMES”

    Kundos to your work btw!

    1. Don’t think you’re the first to suggest it, Tom… We’ve seriously considered it on a number of occasions, but the primary core of the site is still flight simulation anyway.

      We only normally cover major releases outside the FS world – for instance although we cover Robert Graf’s progress through the DOM-GNL, we don’t publish every release from iRacing and there seemed to be no interest at all in rFactor 2 or pCARS, so we don’t discuss them at all any more.

      Other than that, it’s usually Train Sim, Truck Sim and Farm Simulator because the latter is so insanely popular!

  4. TrackIR works well in the cab of ET2, its a must to be honest if you want to drive proficiently in tight spaces without hitting anything. The mouse does definitely work in the cab too when TrackIR is disabled/paused.

  5. I have an old version of TrackIR but unfortunately can’t use it because there’s a window immediately behind my desk which causes massive amounts of interferance. The mouse would have to be my control option, whether I like it or not.

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