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FlyFreeStd – UAV and news

You can use FSX to pilot Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, equipped with propellers or jets engines, if you select the models developed by FlyFreeStd. Various models are packaged

Spies in the skies Following on from their recent release of the armed UAV variants, FlyFreeStd have now added the reconnaissance and ELINT (Electronic Intelligence) platform Unmanned Aerial

Droning on… FlyFreeStd have joined the unmanned arms race, with the addition to their line-up of three weaponised UAVs – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or ‘drones’ –

Four New Abacus Titles Released

Abacus Software reports that “…… Since beginning of 2008 we’ve “quietly” released several new add-ons. Now we’d like to take the opportunity to formally launch

More Halycon Media Titles on simMarket

Halycon Media repackages (and sometimes translates into German) existing download products into boxed products. Many of them have appeared on Abacus before. Today three more


First Class Simulations writes “….. Take control of the silent hunter as the Predator seeks out its prey. Whether engaged in espionage, anti-terrorist operations, or

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