Tag: VR Insight

VA System’s Throttle A320 Pro

Virtual Aviation Systemt sell their new Throttle A320 Pro at simMarket. This impressive piece of hardware is an accurate replica of the real Airbus thrust

VR Insight – CDU II

If you’re into modern airliners, especially those with a lot of ‘glass’ displays, you’ve probably spent some time thinking about how typing in the CDU

VR Insight new modules series

There no less than 7 new products of VR Insight at simMarket : the Instrument Radiostack Pro also available as separate modules are ones of

VR Insight – Multi Switch Panel

simMarket has a new hardware for sale : the Multi Switch Panel from VR Insight is a “compact unit to control any function available from

Prop Cockpit Trainer and GPS 5 by VR Insight

There are two new hardware products released at simMarket from VR Insight. GPS 5 “provides terrain information and terrain hazard warnings”, “completely interfaced”. With its

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