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PMDG 777 MSFS Work-in-Progress Update

The PMDG 777 for Microsoft Flight Simulator is undergoing meticulous development, as showcased in recent work-in-progress updates. These glimpses into the cockpit reveal a painstaking

FSweekend : PMDG B777 – Reveal (Q&A)

A short First Look of the PMDG 777. The flightsim fans will be enthusiastic to review the latest infornation and videos published by Precision Manuals

PMDG 777 Update

A new update is waiting for your download if you own the PMDG 777. The few changes will mainly impact the FMS and AFDS systems, they

PMDG 747-400 v2 news

PMDG have decided to release two preview screenshots from the exterior view of their in-development Boeing 747-400 V2. For the 777-200LR/F pilots, the tutorial version 1.5

PMDG 777 New Service Pack released

Launch the PMDG Operations Center software if you have their 777 in your collection. A new Service Pack (about 130 Mb) will be downloaded to

PMDG 777 Service Pack 1C soon

After the SP1b, PMDG team will deliver another updated Service Pack to their 777 fleet soon. The upcoming Service Pack 1C is due for release

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