FSweekend : PMDG B777 – Reveal (Q&A)

A short First Look of the PMDG 777.

The flightsim fans will be enthusiastic to review the latest infornation and videos published by Precision Manuals Development Group (PMDG) to unveil its latest masterpiece, the PMDG 777, for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Offering a short but tantalizing first look at this highly anticipated addition, virtual pilots are eager to explore its intricacies and experience the realism PMDG is renowned for.

The 3D model of the PMDG 777 is a testament to the dedication to detail that PMDG is known for. From the sleek exterior design to the finely crafted wing details, every aspect of the aircraft exudes realism. Stepping into the virtual cockpit, pilots will be immersed in a world of authenticity, with meticulously recreated instrument panels and controls that mirror those found in the real Boeing 777.

One of the standout features of the PMDG 777 is the inclusion of a tablet interface within the virtual cockpit, providing pilots with easy access to essential flight information and management tools. Ground equipment is rendered in stunning 3D, adding to the immersive experience of preparing for departure. Passengers will also appreciate the attention to detail, with a fully realized cabin adding depth to the simulation. From the close-up views of the gear details to the exploration of the 777-300 ER variant, the PMDG 777 promises to set a new standard for realism and immersion in flight simulation.

Ad here a few minutes of livestream Q&A about the upcoming PMDG 777 for Microsoft Flight Simulator:

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