Active Sky Next Service Pack 2C

With the new Service Pack 2C installed in your Active Sky Next repertory, you will improve again the performance and stability, especially for P3D V2 et FSX Steam Edition.

Get the full report of HiFi Technologies by clicking here.

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FranceVFR – next Mesh HD Europe

FranceVFR achieved to build a new high definition mesh for Western Europe countries based on the NEXTMap Europe data, reaching the LOD13. The horizontal resolution is at 4,75m, and the vertical precision is under 10cm.

The collection will receive more FSX/P3D products later (Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, Italy..) but you can already […]

Dazzle Colour Game – Nyingchi Mainling ZUNZ 2015

Tibetan airports have popped out thanks to Dazzle Colour Game. Their nice quality recipe have just been applied on another location, although they specify they used a new design technique for the terrrain at Nyingchi Mainling ZUNZ.

Again, the surroundings are really detailed, and in the airport itself, high resolution techniques and special efforts […]

KSMF Sacramento development update

The latest screenshots preview of KSMF Sacramento that is being developed by IDS have been uploaded in the publisher’s forum : Aerosoft.

The same designers team Innovative Development Studios is also working on Mega Airport Brussels and Manchester.

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Unreal Sim – Tocumen Airport 2015

Without technical features listed at simMarket product page, we can, at least, reproduce here the few information retrieved in the above Youtube video description.

The first scenery of Unreal Sim for FSX, P3D v2 and P3D v1 depict Tocumen Airport 2015 (MPTO), in Panama, with “high definition buildings, taxiways, objects and is also easy […]

FlyTampa – Sydney YSSY preview

For the first time, FlyTampa will model an Australian airport. YSSY Sydney will make part of the sceneries collection of the popular designers team.

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A_A Sceneries – KLIA2 by night preview

Another preview by A_A Sceneries about Kuala Lumpur KLIA2 includes a few screenshots taken by night to show the lights effects.

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IRIS Pilatus PC-24 SVJ first look inside the VC

Although there is no texture set on the virtual cockpit 3D mesh, IRIS already tried and filmed the current development result in P3D V2.

The short video gives an overview of their Pilatus PC-24 SVJ spanning around the left pilot seat.

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Realworld Scenery – Florida Central

Following their plan, Realworld Scenery expands their Florida coverage with this second and Central part to complete the HD photoreal scenery of the Southern area previously released.

This time, Tampa and Orlando make part of the area that can be explored both in FSX or P3D.

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Flight Sim Labs A320-X APU Start video

The video preview #2 of Flight Sim Labs remembers to the A320-X fans that their future product aims at an unprecedented level of simulation, reproducing the Airbus systems interaction according to the real life data and schemes.

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