FSDG – Reunion Island new preview

The beautiful island of Reunion, found in the Indian Ocean not too far from Madagascar has been the main project run by FSDG. Their scenery will include 3 airports and 3 heliports.

Below the previous preview screenshots, the team added they plan to work then on Mauritius FIMP.

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Taburet – FSX P3D Night 3D Africa Base Pack

Night 3D collection stops over Africa, and installs 3D lights bulbs along the roads.

It’s compatible with other kind of sceneries according to Taburet, so you can also use detailed airports, photoreal sceneries..

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Aerosoft Milan Malpensa Announced

On the Aerosoft Forum, Mathijs posted a new topic showcasing some previews for their upcoming release of Milan Malpensa. Aerosoft Malpensa is being developed by David Rosenfeld, who is renowned for his previous sceneries such as Ben Gurion.

Enjoy the previews below and for more information, stay tuned!

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FSLabs – A320-X public release !

The highly awaited A320-X from FSLabs is now available for purchase by everyone interested in the most advanced Airbus simulation ever for FSX/FSX:SE.

Only P3D customers have to wait some more before they can fly it. Anyway, FSLabs announced earlier that they will also offer cross-upgrade reduced price if you get it now for FSX, […]

TacPack addon for Milviz F-4E Phantom II

That’s the perfect expansion you need to actually activate the weapons systems, radar, launch bombs and more with the Milviz F-4E Phantom II.

The aircraft is sold separately, and the other requirement is to get VRS Tackpack which is not included in this expansion from Milviz.

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JustSim Innsbruck Released

After their recent release of Nice Cote D’Azur, JustSim is back again with a new release this summer. This new release is available for ~21€ and boasts high-resolution ground textures amongst many other features. if you fancy having a go at the tricky approach then head on over to the

Fancy having a go […]

In case of issues with Aerosoft Airbus A320 Series

In the support section of Aerosoft forums, two recent messages hold interesting information to keep noted if you own the Airbus A318/A319 and/or A320/A321.

In case of issues while using their addon, it’s recommended to reinstall the complete product, following their advices, and to use also all Microsoft VC++ Redistributables 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012 […]

Steve’s DX10 Scenery Fixer v3

Version 3.0 of Steve’s DX10 Scenery Fixer is available for the customers of this tool.

Improvements of the fog, bugs fixes and a first time installation dialog are included as stated in the support forum.

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A_A Sceneries – Beijing ZBAA development progress

Beijing ZBAA project is a long project for A_A Sceneries, but the designer keeps informs their Facebook fans from time to time about the scenery design progress.

In his last message, he was still adding more buildings in the maintenance area. He still needs more photos if you can provide them to him.

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FS Scenery Atelier – “Oita Airport for FSX” for free

FS Scenery Atelier have just released “Oita Airport for FSX” for free. it’s Japanese local airport.

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