Active Sky Next – SP3 Open Beta B5660

HiFi Technologies keeps on enhancing the Service Pack 3 for Active Sky Next while it’s still in Open Beta process.

The new build B5660 has been posted and fixes items related with warnings options (unneeded restart, or failure to save/load, and no more AI traffic impacted by ambient modifications). Here’s their announcement with the change […]

Aerosoft – CRJ Night Previews


On the Aerosoft Forums, Mathijs has released some beautiful CRJ night previews.. Oh boy it looks amazing. Not much else apart from some general conversation so stay tuned.

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FSFX Packages – A320 Family Immersion & Release Date

FSFX Packages, A320 Family Immersion has been set on a countdown to release. They recently released the above preview which has a conveniently located text in the bottom right stating release date as July 9th. It has been fun watching people miss that date thinking its just a preview; but no 😉 Anyway you […]

ActiveSkyNext – SP3 Open Beta B5660 Released

HiFi Simulations have released SP3’s Open Beta “B5660″ if you haven’t already then you need to head to their site and download the version there. Some changes include: Removed unneeded restart required/resynth message when changing warnings options, Modified ambient handling to not affect AI aircraft for certain parameters including temperature, so that AI contrails […]

Flysimware – Awesome Sale!

There’s currently an awesome sale happening over at simMarket. ALL Flysimware Products are 50% off. Yes, ALL! That means you can pick up their newest release, The Mitsubishi Mu-2B for about €22/£16. Its Kind of a no brainer and a “Why Not?” moment…

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FlyInside – FSX VR Plugin Kickstarter

A chap called Daniel Church is currently running a Kickstarter for a product which is essentially a plugin giving you Virtual Reality support within FSX. It doesn’t really mention anything about P3D although I assume something similar if not the same plugin would work with a few altercations. If you have an Oculus Rift […]

Aerosoft – Night Environment Germany v1.7 Update Released

Aerosoft’s Night Environment Germany update has been released bringing it up to the mighty v1.7; which features their newest NEXM tool. The Night Environment Config Tool basically allows you to change pretty much most things to do with the lights. You can turn certain lights on, off and also the ability to fine tune […]

Quality Wings – Slight Quarterly Update

QualityWings has released a small statement on their page explaining that Q2 snuck upon them and they haven’t really got anything to show and that one of the things that was worked on during this quarter on the B787 was the Night Lighting in the flight deck. Take a look at the preview provided […]

Aerosoft – Night Environment Massachusetts Released

Night Environment Massachusetts has been released on the simMarket store and it is another one of their vast expanding Night Environment range. It adds some pretty amazing night lighting so why not check it out?

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Realworld Scenery – Qatar, SuperHD

Realworld Scenery have been fairly active throughout the Middle Easts photo-real scenery at the moment. After their initial flow of a few USA photo-real, They introduced Dubai which ended up with their new product which has just been put out on the shelves; Qatar “Super-HD” It looks amazing from the previews (About all 37 […]

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