Synchro-soft – DA42 soundset

We didn’t have to wait too long after Alabeo DA42 release. The custom and realistic soundset of Synchro-soft can be used with any model, in FSX.

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Alabeo – DA42 Twin Star FSX P3D

Wonderful package again ! Alabeo applied their popular recipe on the DA42 Twin Star, combining their G1000 system with the volumetric side view of the propeller, the realistic metal shine effects and reflection on the gauges.

No matter if you shoot it from outside or inside, the screenshots result will just be blowing to impress […]

Aerosoft Airbus X SP3 preview

It’s a Polish video of SkyNews, subtitled in English, that allows us to discover the Connected Flight Deck option that will be added to Aerosoft Airbus A320 series in the upcoming Service Pack 3.

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FSX Steam Edition : 80% off

Dovetail Games is offering a hard rebate on FSX Steam Edition, 80% off, just for 2 days.

You have to place your order via Steam platform until March 30th.

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Italian Scenery Upgrades

If the recently released Simple Missions captured your fancy then you may want to check out these other new releases, covering scenery for Italy, as well.

Scenery Studio have covered the city of Florence (Firenze), the capital of Tuscany, and its airport, Peretola, in an updated single package for FSX and P3D. Version 3 […]

Thai Creation : everything 50% off

The discount rate on all Thai Creation sceneries is at 50% until March 31st. Take advantage of the following days to make yours Sawasdee Bangkok, Mumbai, Macau, or other Asian detailed airport of their catalog.

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Simple FSX Missions : Short flights Italy

10 missions starting with your aircraft parked at the gate of Italian airports are compiled in the Simple FSX Missions package.

The flight plans loaded in FSX will make you fly from 30 min to 2 hours between Rome, Palermo, Venice, Milan, Bari and other locations of Italy.

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Antarctica X – Update 1.1 released

Antarctica X receives today a free update 1.1. The very large covered area is completed by the Aerosoft Twin Otter X, and includes also missions to make you explore and enjoy all the best of the product.

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FsPassengers development news

The founder and developer of FsPassengers announced in his forum that he’s already working on a new Beta version that will be upgraded for free.

His goals are FSX Steam Edition and Windows 8 support at first, but he also aims to make it P3D compliant later as well.

FsPassengers X for FSX, and […]

MegaScenery Earth Ultra-Res Grand Canyon

At the resolution of 50cm per pixel, the quality of the photoreal terrain is good enough to enable flights at low altitudes like 500 ft AGL and the ground texture still looks crisp and clear.

So it sounds like a good idea to apply this technique to the Grand Canyon scenery for FSX, P3D […]