Aerosoft – Night Environment Sweden FSX/P3D

Aerosoft and Chris Bell comes with their Night environment database for Sweden, in FSX and P3D.

When you install the 1,16 Gb scenery product, there will be much more roads and realistically rendered in the simulator thanks to the new lighting effects.

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WDS – KMBS Airport development progress

Russ White of White Digital Simulation has more preview screenshots to share with the forum visitors.

The surroundings of KMBS Michigan Intl have been modeled with great details : terrain, roads, houses and vegetation. Their new HDX technology allows dense and realistic placement of all these custom objects.

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Navigraph Airac Cycle 1410

It’s already the 10th Airac Cycle of the year, so you’re invited by Navigraph to update your supported addons.

It will be particularly necessary to file a flight plan that is accurate with the latest airways and navaids, and to ensure your aircraft navigation systems follows the current paths for instance. If [...]

MSK – Saab MFI-17 / PAC Mushshak

It’s not their first aircraft model as they have already produced professional 3D models of other aircraft, but yes, it is their first airplane complete package after several sceneries.

FSX is the simulator for this Swedisth “accurate and highly detailed rendition of Mushshak” manufactured by Saab. The 3D gauges and the animated canopy may [...]

Aerosoft Airbus products : prices and release planning

The new Aerosoft Airbus A318/A319 release has finally been programmed on Monday, September 22nd for the full product (EUR 39.95 vat incl.), and on the following Wednesday, September 24th for the upgrade version (EUR 19.95 vat incl.) if you own the existing A320/A321 product.

The updated version of their Airbus A320/A321 should come later [...]

Greek Airports Project – Hellas Sea Base

Greek Airports Project designed 9 seaports allocated in 6 photoreal Greek islands, with enhanced coastlines.

The active ramps for amphibious planes are definitely one of the original highlights of this new product for FSX/P3D.

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Taxi2Gate – St. Kitts TKPK project unveiled

Taxi2Gate has a new project revealed to the public, and they’re back in Caribbean region, on St. Kitts island.

Its airport TKPK got modernized in 2006 and can now receive up to 6 wide airliners like 747, 777, A340…

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MegaScenery Earth – Ultra-Res City Las Vegas

It’s now the turn of Las Vegas, Nevada, to complete a bit more the wide collection of Ultra-Res Cities covering United States with HD photoreal textures.

The last screenshot seen on the product page is the Terminal Area chart that shows you the treated zone in FSX/P3D.


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Active Sky Next SP1Beta4 B5371 released

HiFi Technologies had released Active Sky Next SP1 Open BETA4.

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PMDG – Projects information

To inform PMDG customers on what’s coming in the next weeks or months, Robert S. Randazzo detailed their progress on the current projects. A new Service Pack 1C will be delivered for the 777 to fix the remaining issues when simmers use FSX accelerated time.

Currently in early Alpha version, the 747-400 v2 is their [...]