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There’s a new website offering ships and boats for FSX and P3D that you can download for free. The content should grow in the next weeks. You’ll find at

Two new products launched by Eiresim are specially designed for FSX. Lanzarote Ultimate is the scenery of the Spanish airport in the Canary Islands, ICAO : GCRR. The second title is Kerry Ultimate, in Ireland. Both airports have photoreal textures and numerous 3D objects to reproduce the installations. The Freighter Expansion for the Boeing 757 Captain Sim has been also released for FSX and P3D v3 announced Captain Sim. It’s USD 10 cheaper than for P3D4, found here.

The good old Radar Contact V4 can be downloaded for free so you can have a realistic ATC software for P3D and FSX ! The accurate phraseology, pilots requests to the ATC about the flight level / altitude change, following SID/STAR procedures, ATC chatter recordings, AI Traffic compatible.. Radar Contact V4 have plenty of advanced features to enjoy if you want a better ATC than the default one included with the simulator.

The developer Sim-Wings and Aerosoft came to the conclusion that there were still enough FSX pilots interested in a new version of the Spanish airport to bring them Madrid Barajas Evolution. The photoreal terrain covers 400 and there are animated jetways, that you can replace with an optional and free SODE models to download if you prefer.

The modern business jet Challenger 605 of Bombardier in current development by Eaglesoft Development Group will be a product for FSX and P3D v3, in a first time. They named that product series Extreme Generation Three, and there will be the Cessna Citation X too. In a second time, those aircraft should be developed for P3D 4 too.

Bergamo Extended is a scenery product for P3D v3 and FSX, do not get confusion with the specific P3D4 product named Bergamo Professional. The Italian airport of Bergamo LIME is depicted with SODE jetways and animated vehicles.

This new package of Bravo Zulu team has 10 authentic liveries of the Fairey Firefly. And if you are a registered customer of the FIREFLY F1, FR1 & NF1, you can get this new one for free.

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