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With an improved body design for flight performance and modernized avionics, the Fokker F50 was a serious upgrade to the successful F27 model, and was manufactured during 1980’s and 1990’s. Carenado is close to release their model for P3D and FSX.

The new version of Flightsim Commander 10 is now online. It will allow FSX and FS9 pilots to keep on planning their flights, but not on P3D. Registered customers of version 9 can use it for free with their existing licence key. Clearly announced as it is not an upgrade from the previous version, the version 10 brings Aerosoft CRJ 700/900 support at least.

Viewpoint Technologies first release at simMarket ticks all the boxes of the features attended by simmers from a regional airport scenery. At Manchester-Boston Regional KMHT, New Hampshire USA, scenery for P3D4 and FSX, the detailed objects on the apron laid in front of the realistic airport buildings, are combined with a very nice looking terrain. The vegetation, hard surfaces, ground markings, the urban surroundings, all blend perfectly. Icing on the cake : the price is faire given the quality.

The ultimate mesh to cover Earth is FS Global Next Generation released by PILOT’s. It reveals many details of mountains in P3D, FSX or Flight Sim World. The makers optimized their scenery with higher resolution where it is required and appreciated, raising the maximum resolution at 1m. More technical details, videos and screenshots are visible at simMarket.

The first version of EETN Tallin by Drzewiecki Design already had a nice look. The designers come back a Version 2, remade for all versions of P3D, FSX and even Flight Sim World. Every aspect of the airport scenery has been impacted : buildings and runways accuracy to the real life airport latest constructions, visuals vastly improved with new ground polygon, new lights, textures, enhanced Autogen and updated SODE animations. AND there’s a reduced price for customers of V1 !

As promised, WF Scenery Studio release now the 32bit simulator version of ZBAA Beijing, meant for P3Dv3 and FSX. This is free for customers who already purchased the P3Dv4 64bit scenery. Just add it to your basket with the same user login as before, and download. This version includes the real underground tunnel and the SODE animated jetways too.

Just a few hours ago, Flight Replicas uploaded a new set of screenshots showing their work on the Halifax Mk.III, the bomber manufactured by Handley Page for the Royal Air Force at the beginning of the Second World War. You can already have a like inside too, to check the 3D virtual cockpit design.

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