Drzewiecki Design – UUEE Moscow Sheremetyevo X Update v1.9

An interesting and FREE update for UUEE Moscow Sheremetyevo X is now ready for dowload in your user account.

Drzewiecki Design added several enhancements to their successful scenery in P3D v4-v1, FSX and now even in Flight Sim World. All jetways were edited for SODE compatibility and the parking stands numbers have been updated […]

Drzewiecki Design – Seattle Airports X and Seattle City X Available

They are online : Seattle Airports X and Seattle City X at simMarket !

In the airports package, you will find detailed sceneries of Paine Field KPAE featuring Boeing Event Factory, Boeing Field KBFI with multiple static aircraft of high interest, Renton Municipal Airport KRNT with a marvellous landscape, and Auburn Municipal Airport S50 with […]

Drzewiecki – KSEA Seattle under development

Currently focused on Seattle City X and Seattle Airports X, Drzewiecki Design show their 3D model progress of KSEA Seattle airport.

Their scenery will different from existing titles because of the airport expansions modelled in the sim ! It will be a payware option to add on top of the upcoming Seattle Airports X.


Drzewiecki Design – KPAE Seattle Airport X preview

Drzewiecki Design announce they have completed the development of KPAE Paine to make part of the upcoming Seattle Airports X.

They also added that their airports bundle will be sold about 20 EUR. Seattle Tacoma KSEA will be an optional upgrade, estimated about 10 EUR.

Drzewiecki Design Black Friday : 50% OFF all products.


Drzewiecki Design – KBFI Boeing Field Preview

You are probably already aware that Seattle City X and Seattle Airports X are the next products that Drzewiecki Design members are currently working on.

Seattle Airports X will be a bundle including PAE Paine Field, KRNT Renton, S50 Auburn and.. KBFI Boeing Field. Their latest preview screenshots have been focused on that last […]

Drzewiecki Design – Seattle City X Preview

In order to introduce their next titles features, Seattle City X, Drzewiecki Design has edited a map to show the coverage of the scenery.

In fact, they will sell separately Seattle City X, and Seattle Airports X (PAE Paine Field, KBFI Boeing Field, KRNT Renton and S50 Auburn). KSEA Tacoma will be another product to […]

Drzewiecki Design – KRNT Renton and S50 Auburn Preview

In Washington US state, KRNT Renton and S50 Auburn scenery reached 100% of its scenery design process according to Drzewiecki Design post.

The numerous static aircraft and the multiple objects spread on the apron seem to produce a realistic and busy airport.

Drzewiecki Design – Renton KRNT Announced

Drzewiecki Design is working on Renton Municipal airport (KRNT), located in the Washington US state, close to Seattle.

Various screenshots have just been published by the designers to get an idea of the advanced stage of development.

Drzewiecki – Seattle Project News

After Washington X, Drzewiecki Design next city project is on the opposite coast of USA at Seattle.

The designers uploaded a few pics of their 3D buildings that still need more work.

Drzewiecki Design – NY Airports V2 X

Any customer of a previous New York Airport package, even just a single airport extract, can now purchase the new NY Airports V2 X at a small price upgrade.

You will be able to install greatly enhanced sceneries, much more optimized and with very advanced visuals. P3D v4 support is included of course, with SODE […]