FlightSimLabs – A320-X Review

After 6 years of development, Flight Sim Labs finally released on of the most anticipated add-ons of late. Their rendition of the Airbus A320 short to midrange airliner. Let’s take a look.


FSLabs A320 – Promo Video – Ready For Takeoff

On their Facebook Page, Flight Sim Labs have posted a status update regarding their A320X Project. There’s quite a lot of information regarding what will happen upon release, in addition to some general pointers so I recommend you take a read.


FSLabs A320 Previews

Little update for those who are wondering, Flight Sim Labs still haven’t lifted the NDA which would allow the testers to post images freely from the beta, although they have posted some of the testers favourite images on their Facebook page. (I’ll add the images here later when I’m at my hotel after my […]

Flight Sim Labs A320-X APU Start video

The video preview #2 of Flight Sim Labs remembers to the A320-X fans that their future product aims at an unprecedented level of simulation, reproducing the Airbus systems interaction according to the real life data and schemes.

Flight Sim Labs – Spotlights announcement

Flightsim Labs unveil a new product for FSX and FSX Steam Edition, Spotlights. This tool will enable a large set of 20 parameterizable 3D spot lights in the virtual cockpit of any aircraft.

FSLabs team will even include presets for “many” popular aircraft addons, and will assist other aircraft developers with tools to take […]