FSLabs A320-X for P3D V4.1 Online

If you are not at home when you read this, you’ll hurry up I bet : Flight Sim Labs A320-X update for P3D V4.1 is ready for download !

The already impressive changelog is not even the one of the upcoming Service Pack 1. Later, they will release the A319-X.


Blue Sky Star – FSLabs A320 CFM Engine Sounds FSX P3D

After the IAE V2500 engines soundset previously released in past December 2016, Blue Sky Star completes their sounds solution for the FSLabs A320 with CFM 56 pack.

With those two sounds packs, Blue Sky Star covers now both engines variants powering the Airbus A320.

FSLabs – A320-X in P3D V4 And A319-X News

Shot in P3D V4.1, the A320-X of Flight Sim Labs reveals its updated virtual cockpit with enhanced modelling and textures.

Andrew Wilson adds they have reached the final Beta tests stage of the P3D v4 update. And, they have a pic of their A319-X too.


FSLabs – A320-X P3D V4 Beta Test

In order to give some news about the P3D v4 update for the Airbus A320, FSLabs shared this preview video to showcase their impressive HD soundset they have prepared for it.

The A320-X will also receive integrated flight crew announcements, and dynamic lights of course.

FSLabs – Prepar3D V4 Updates News

The hardcore A320-X virtual pilots will, of course, have the right to fly their advanced airliner in Prepar3D V4 soon after its release. Upon its release next week, FSLabs will share the Beta Update to their testers team first, before the wide customers audience receive it. This will be a free update.

More information have […]

FSLabs – A320-X for P3D Available

Flight Sim Labs released the P3D version of their top notch A320-X.

Thanks to the latest update v1.93, a majority of users also reported a large memory usage saving, between 250 Mb and 400 Mb.

IAE V2500 Engine Sounds for FSLabs A320 FSX

The soundset has been prepared by Blue Sky Star especially for the A320 in FSX of Flight Sim Labs.

All their samples were recorded on real IAE V2500 engines.

Flight Sim Labs – A320-X news

Without giving any precise time frame, Flight Sim Labs just announce that the next update for their A320-X and its release for P3D will not happen in the next couple of weeks.

The flare effect at landing and immersion are two points among other numerous enhancements that they are working on for the next update.


FlightSimLabs A320 – What Will Happen Next

On the FSLabs forum, Lefteris has posted an update in regards to what will be happening next after the FSX release for the A320X.

As some of you will be interested in, the pricing for the P3D version. Lefteris has speculated the price to be approximately $30-40USD More than the FSX price, and if […]

FSLabs – A320-X public release !

The highly awaited A320-X from FSLabs is now available for purchase by everyone interested in the most advanced Airbus simulation ever for FSX/FSX:SE.

Only P3D customers have to wait some more before they can fly it. Anyway, FSLabs announced earlier that they will also offer cross-upgrade reduced price if you get it now for FSX, […]