miniCockpit – Last 500 Units of miniFCU and New Compatibility Announcements

In the ever-evolving world of flight simulation, miniCockpit continues to soar to new heights with exciting announcements that promise to enhance the virtual flying experience for enthusiasts worldwide. The last 500 units of miniFCU are in high demand, so enthusiasts are encouraged to secure their piece of this cutting-edge technology before it’s too late. They also added in a comment that “they don’t know when is the next mass production gonna happen. Most likely after miniEFIS.

As we eagerly approach the end of the Kickstarter campaign, miniCockpit is thrilled to share some groundbreaking updates, including Mac compatibility, SPAD.neXt integration, and an official collaboration with renowned developers iniBuilds and FSLabs.

Mac Compatibility Takes Flight

One of the most anticipated developments in the miniCockpit journey is the introduction of Mac compatibility. The team is delighted to announce that the XP12/11 Mac version is now supported, opening up a world of possibilities for Mac users in the flight simulation community. The compatibility extends to popular add-ons like Toliss and Flight Factor A320, ensuring that Mac users can fully enjoy the miniCockpit experience.

Existing users can easily access the Mac plugin by following the provided download link: Installation is a breeze – simply copy the plugin to your designated folder, and you’re ready to take to the virtual skies.

SPAD.neXt Joins the miniCockpit Family

miniCockpit continues to expand its compatibility horizon by welcoming SPAD.neXt to its roster. Users can now operate virtually unlimited aircraft add-ons through the SPAD.neXt firmware, offering a whole new level of simulation experience. The versatility of SPAD.neXt means users aren’t limited to Airbus add-ons, providing a worry-free experience for those who prefer to explore a variety of aircraft options.

For more information on SPAD.neXt and how it enhances your miniCockpit experience, visit SPAD.neXt’s official website.

iniBuilds and FSLabs Collaboration

In a move that has the flight simulation community buzzing with excitement, miniCockpit has initiated official collaborations with two esteemed developers, iniBuilds and FSLabs. The handshake between these industry leaders and the miniCockpit team signifies a commitment to delivering unparalleled simulation experiences.

As the Kickstarter campaign reaches its conclusion, miniCockpit looks forward to adding the fabulous add-ons from iniBuilds and FSLabs to its growing support list. This collaboration promises to elevate the miniCockpit platform even further, providing users with access to high-quality, immersive content.

Compatibility Insights and Solutions for use with Fenix A320 MSFS

In our recent simFlight review, it was highlighted that users can utilize miniFCU in combination with Fenix but without the digits display. Advanced users in the flightsim community found a solution ! It is recommended installing and using freeware tools, including Mobiflight, Fenix Quartz, and a set of Config Files, all available for free. Easyjetsimpilot’s tutorial provides a step-by-step guide in a YouTube video that can find the tutorial here., ensuring a seamless integration between miniFCU and Fenix A320 for MSFS in the end.

As miniCockpit continues to innovate and collaborate with industry leaders, the flight simulation community can look forward to an enhanced and immersive experience. The future of virtual flying is now, and miniCockpit is at the forefront, shaping the way we soar through the digital skies.

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