Carenado – PA31T Cheyenne II HD Series FSX P3D

Including the latest Carenado technical features, the PA31T Cheyenne II innovates with new 3D pilots.

Out of that, you should be used to their dark and cold start options, the various external avionics compatibility, and the Carenado GNS530 directly installed by the pack.

JustFlight – PA-28R Project

Shot from the exterior view, the latest pics extracted from the development of the Turbo Arrow version of the PA-28R by JustFlight are visible on their Facebook page here.

After the Cherokee, Warrior, and Dakota versions, the Arrow is still in the current Piper catalogue.


Just Flight – PA-28R-201T Turbo Arrow III/IV

Just Flight internal team of designers have been assigned the project of both PA-28R-201T Turbo Arrow III (normal tail) and Arrow IV (T tail).

Both model variants will be joint in a single product, developed for FSX and P3D of course. Here are the other screenshots.


Alabeo – PA22 Tri Pacer FSX P3D

With all its advanced visual features and its realistic flight behaviour, the Piper PA22 by Alabeo is ready to be added to your virtual hangar in FSX or P3D.

The four seated light aircraft was produced during 1950’s and the first half of 1960’s.

Flysimware – New Updates

Two aircraft of Flysimware have new updates. The first one is the Cessna 402C Businessliner and the other one is the Cessna 441 Conquest ll.

New features come along fixes for a few bugs as listed in their announcement here.


Flysimware – Updates

Two products of Flysimware have been updated according to their latest notification.

For the Cessna 402C, the “vibration and EGT value got fixed in the virtual cockpit. And for the Cessna 441 Conquest II, only the vibration needed a fix in the same view. Patches download links follow here.


vFlyteAir – Piper Cherokee 140 Glass Panel X-Plane

The avionics gauges included in the new Piper Cherokee 140 Glass Panel of vFlyteAir is pretty complete with PFD, Autopilot, GNS 530/430 and more, with custom features.

A special upgrade price is granted to owners of the previous version and to registered customers of the Original Version.


Alabeo – C441 Conquest II FSX P3D

The latest Alabeo entry at simMarket reproduces the first turboprop of Cessna : the C441 Conquest II for FSX and P3D.

As your “new” aircraft must have 30 years old at least, Alabeo used exterior and interior textures that reflect the wear and tear here and there, even on the back of the seats […]

Just Flight – PA28R Arrow III in development

You can easily imagine how it feels to press the Garmin GPS 100 buttons when you review the latest development screenshots of the PA28R Arrow III.

The exterior and interior models already reveal a great quantity of info about the 3D details, textures and gauges developed by Just Flight team.


Airfoillabs C172SP 1.70 in X-Plane

Airfoillabs is working on a new update 1.70 for their Cessna 172SP and that’s what I mean by advanced features : smoke in the cockpit, bird strike.. You will have to deal with this kind of special events and emergency procedure.