Alabeo – More P3D v4 Compatible Aircraft

Among the wide collection of Alabeo aircraft for FSX and P3D, another batch of various titles have received the updated installer to make them fly in P3D v4 too.


Alabeo – First Batch of P3D v4 Aircraft

As promised a few days ago, Alabeo has started to deliver the first P3D v4 aircraft updates, just to make them usable in the 64bit environment.

Given the numerous products they have in stock, this will take a few time to get them all updated. All updates are free for registered customers. You need to […]

Carenado and Alabeo – P3D v4 Updates News

Carenado and Alabeo started to make the first P3D V4 updates for their large aircraft collection, in order to just make them compatible in the new flight simulator. Registered customers will be notified by the shop when it’s available, and your original serial key will remain the same with the new installer.

All these updates […]

Alabeo – PA-22 Tri Pacer X-Plane 10.5/11

A good old PA-22 Tripcaer right from the 1950’s is waiting for you in the catalogue of Alabeo for X-Plane 10 / 11.

The super quality textures and the custom soundset may become an irrestible need of flight..

JustFlight – PA-28R Arrow III FSX P3D

In order to reproduce the PA-28R Arrow III down to the crew, JustFlight team used very high definition photoreal textures (4096 x 4096 px), with numerous animations.

Very common aircraft everywhere on earth, it’s a reliable airplane that you definitely need in your virtual collection.

Alabeo – C310R FSX P3D

Best seller of the C310 Series initially launched in the 1950’s, the C310R has a modified nose to receive a baggage compartment.

Anf if you order the FSX P3D model of Alabeo, you also have the chance to install your own Flight1 GTN or RealityXP units.

Free : Flight1 Cessna 162 SkyCatcher

Yes, completely free ! Download now the Cessna 162 SkyCatcher that Flight1 developed with in partnership with Cessna Aircraft Company.

Equipped with the G300 it’s a modern generation aircraft delivered, without support, for FSX, FSX:SE and P3D v3.

Carenado – PA31T Cheyenne II HD Series FSX P3D

Including the latest Carenado technical features, the PA31T Cheyenne II innovates with new 3D pilots.

Out of that, you should be used to their dark and cold start options, the various external avionics compatibility, and the Carenado GNS530 directly installed by the pack.

JustFlight – PA-28R Project

Shot from the exterior view, the latest pics extracted from the development of the Turbo Arrow version of the PA-28R by JustFlight are visible on their Facebook page here.

After the Cherokee, Warrior, and Dakota versions, the Arrow is still in the current Piper catalogue.


Just Flight – PA-28R-201T Turbo Arrow III/IV

Just Flight internal team of designers have been assigned the project of both PA-28R-201T Turbo Arrow III (normal tail) and Arrow IV (T tail).

Both model variants will be joint in a single product, developed for FSX and P3D of course. Here are the other screenshots.