350hp for the PA46 Malibu Mirage by Carenado in XP

The latest Carenado GA aircraft model is a PA46 Malibu Mirage powered by a 350hp engine for X-Plane 10.21 or higher.

Its numerous features include HD textures, 3D gauges, and many other advanced features like realistic sounds with special effects.

Flight1 Box : RealAir Lancair Legacy

Good news for FS addons boxes collectors : Flight1 publishes the excellent Lancair Legacy of RealAir.

The developers achieved special features like the airframe vibrations at engine startup, or even “3D blurred propeller effect with custom animation“. Of course, like all RealAir made aircraft : both visuals and performance are top notch. No doubt you [...]

Grumman AA-5 at X-Plane.org

vFlyteAir‘s Grumman AA-5 Traveller for X-Plane 10 is now available via the store at X-Plane.org

The model features 10 high definition liveries, plus a plug-in which references that to the built in ATC, so this will refer to you by the correct callsign. The gauges feature reflective glass and are built to mimic those [...]

Free livery pack for RealAir Duke B60 v2

ReakAir Simulation offer a gift to the customers of their Duke B60 v2.

There is a new and free livery pack for the successful piston model for FSX Download it here.

Twin Otter Extended ski/amphibian

Tomorrow Monday, Aerosoft will complete the Twin Otter Extended variants collection.

Their exceptional package will now include the Ski and Amphibian models for -300 series to enjoy even more this Canadian toy in FSX / P3D.

Bonanza for X-Plane updated to v2

Carenado‘s newest update to version 2 for X-Plane users is their A36 Bonanza single engine GA monoplane.

As ever, the updates include support for XP10 and 64-bit in addition to 9.6+, sound updates, plus gauge updates including Aspen EFD1000 and KFC225 Autopilot. The package retains its four liveries plus a blank, custom 3d gauge suite [...]

50% off : RealAir Lancair Legacy FSX

RealAir has used the perfect words “Lancair Legacy for FSX is the culmination of our ten years of experience” to introduce their aircraft released in February 2012.

It’s a recent product with top notch features, and very nice feeling in flight and on the ground. See the airframe and gauges needles vibrating at engine startup [...]

CSA Sportcruiser for FSX from WSSimulation

The light sport category of aircraft has grown dramatically since its introduction, bridging the gap between traditional GA aircraft and microlights.

One such aircraft is the Czech Sport Aircraft (CSA) Sportcruiser, introduced in 2006 and briefly part of the Piper line-up under a licensing agreement, which has been released for FSX by WSSimulation.

The aircraft [...]

RealAir – Beechcraft Duke B60 V2 is here

When RealAir writes “the real aircraft is an absolute joy to fly”, I would add “and so is their virtual model in FSX“. The hyper detailed and smooth gauges, come also with top notch flight model, as always.

So why did they make a version 2 of the Beechcraft Duke B60 ? HD textures both [...]

Carenado – Grand Caravan EX preview

The real manufacturer Cessana announced the EX version of their Grand Caravan in July 2012. Today in October 2013, Carenado publisher is about to make it available on the virtual market for FSX/P3D.

With “more power, greater performance”, Cessna writes that ““The Grand Caravan EX will climb faster, and have the power and capacity to [...]