Just Flight – Socata TB-10/TB-20 at simMarket

In the package dropped by Just Flight at simMarket, you purchase two aircraft models at once : the Socata TB-10 Tobago and the TB-20 Trinidad for FSX/P3D.

The above video shows you only a part of the many features that ship with the product : the WX-1000 Stormscope gauge that displays the interactive checklists […]

Flysimware – Products Updates

Various aircraft of Flysimware are welcoming updates to please the customers of their Cessna 402 Businessliner, Cessna 441 Conquest II, and the helicopter Bell 47G/Sioux G-13.

You’ll find the enhancements applied on the 3D models. The updates also include a few gauges fixes and the integration of Wx Advantage Radar by Rex / Milviz.


Just Flight – TB-10/TB-20 Service Pack 3

There’s a new update available for the numerous and happy owners of the TB-10/TB-20 by Just Flight.

In this Service Pack 3 update, The Flight1 GTN 650/750 integration has been improved, along the autopilot system and engine start process. All its content is listed here.



Sim720 – Ikarus C42 FSX P3D

We’ve been used to the airports and airfields production from Sim720 and their new Ikarus C42 FSX P3D looks like a refreshing and sporty little airplane.

The team takes care of improving their product with already an update 1.10 to add a 3D pilot, the full P3D support, and more features as listed here.


Aerosoft – Frankfurt Egelsbach XP

Don’t think only about Frankfurt Main EDDF. Coded EDFE in ICAO airports repertory, Egelsbach is located a little bit further in the South of Frankfurt city. This little airport is much more oriented to general aviation flights than EDDF, although it’s also decently equipped with a 4593 feet long asphalt runway with ILS to receive […]

Just Flight – TB-10/TB-20 Service Pack 2

It’s now possible to integrate the Flight1 GTN 750, the GTX 330 code has been enhanced, the aircraft battery state can now be saved and restored in the Socata TB-10/TB-20 bundle.

To do so, you need the new update Service Pack 2.


IRIS updates their Jabiru J-160

IRIS Simulations made compatible with Prepar3D v3 their Jabiru J-160 released back in 2014.

Still compatible with FSX and P3D v2 of course, they complete the update with new audio file, “flight models, updated artwork and the addition of a new aircraft configuration manager and flight assistance window as found on the Jabiru J170 product“. […]

Arezone – Cessna 400 Corvalis TTX HQ Soundset

Be sure that this new high quality soundset for the Cessna 400 Corvalis TTX will perfectly fit with the Alabeo’s model for FSX/P3D.

Arezone prepared a lot of sounds and for this specific aircraft model, with attention to details, even crash in and outside, or shutdown cooling sounds and many more.

Just Flight – more pics of TB-10 / TB-20

Still in preparation of their TB-10 Tobago & TB-20 Trinidad bundle, Just Flight added new preview screenshots on their product page.

Both aircraft will receive HD textures (4096 x 4096 px), IFR avionics, custom coded systems (fuel, electric..), and multiple animations.


Alabeo – PA44 Seminole FSX P3D

Alabeo invites you to opt for their new PA44 Seminole in FSX or P3D, especially if you like steam gauges combined with glass panels.

The Seminole comes by default with Carenado GNS530 system but also allows Flight1 GTN Series integration in the virtual cockpit if you already have this separate product.