Aerosoft Flightsim Studio – Tecnam P2006T Analog MSFS

Experience the immersive thrill of flying the Tecnam P2006T Analog in Microsoft Flight Simulator with Aerosoft Flightsim Studio’s latest DLC available at SIMMARKET. This superb aircraft boasts a highly detailed analog cockpit, complete with accurately replicated switches, buttons, and knobs, along with dynamic load adjustments based on passenger and cargo weight.

🚨 PRICE REDUCTION when you buy one first and get the other in a second order :

1️⃣ NEW P2006T Analog MSFS

2️⃣ Already existing P2006T MKII MSFS

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The addition of Physically Based Rendering (PBR) materials and detailed textures, including various real-world liveries, ensures a visually stunning experience for virtual pilots.

Delve into the intricate systems of the Tecnam P2006T Analog, featuring analog cockpit instruments, a custom STEC-55X autopilot, and simulated emergency gear deployment. Choose between easy or realistic operation modes, each offering a unique level of challenge and authenticity. The inclusion of a comprehensive EFB/tablet provides access to various aircraft options, weight and balance settings, and even Navigraph Charts for enhanced navigation capabilities.

Moreover, the DLC offers an immersive audio experience with a soundset based on real recordings of the reference aircraft’s Rotax engine, along with ambient sounds and optional noise-cancelling headset simulation. Complete with an interactive walkaround feature, accurate flight dynamics, and extensive online documentation, Aerosoft Flightsim Studio’s Tecnam P2006T Analog DLC delivers a truly authentic and engaging flight simulation experience. Plus, existing owners of the Tecnam P2006T MKII can enjoy a cross-update with a price reduction when purchasing the new Analog version, ensuring continued value for enthusiasts. The same price reduction offer applies if you buy first the P2006T Analog, and then you buy in a second order the P2006T MKII.

Promo Trailer P2006T MKII | 4K by AviationLads

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