Lionheart Creations – 3 New MSFS Aircraft : Bellanca Super Viking, Bucker BU-131 Jungmann, and Learavia Learfan 2200

Lionheart Creations introduces three exhilarating aircraft to the Microsoft Flight Simulator community, each boasting unique features and a rich aviation history. First up is the Bellanca Super Viking MSFS, a classic American muscle plane from the 1970s renowned for its high performance and sleek design. With a turbocharged engine capable of propelling it to speeds of up to 226 MPH and a range of 700 NM, this aircraft is a testament to both speed and endurance. Featuring intricate details like a Century III Autopilot and various interior and panel options, the Super Viking promises an immersive flying experience reminiscent of vintage aviation glory. Currently on sale 50% OFF until March 31st.

Next in line is the Lionheart Creations Bucker BU-131 Jungmann MSFS, affectionately dubbed the “Strativarius of antique light aircraft.” Originating in the 1930s, this bi-plane became a staple for pilot training across Europe, embodying a bygone era of aviation excellence. Lionheart’s rendition of the Bücker Bü-131B Swiss model pays homage to this iconic aircraft while incorporating modern amenities like radios and autopilot features. With its timeless charm and updated functionality, the Jungmann offers pilots a nostalgic yet captivating journey through aviation history. Currently on sale 50% OFF until March 31st.

Finally, Lionheart Creations presents the Learavia Learfan 2200 MSFS, a visionary aircraft born from the ingenuity of Bill Lear, renowned for his contributions to the private jet sector. Designed as a more economical alternative to traditional jets, the Learfan boasts a carbonfiber construction and a powerful Pratt and Whitney PW127EX engine. This single jet-powered turboprop combines luxury with efficiency, offering a cruise speed of 280 knots and a max speed of 390 knots TAS. With its modern avionics suite and luxurious cabin, the Learfan promises an unparalleled flying experience for those seeking adventure in the skies.

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