Ultimate Terrain X Boxed Version

Locarno in Italy seen in Ultimate Terrain qualityOn simMarket’s on-line shop you can now acquire the boxed version of Ultimate Terrain Europe X, published by Flight1 Europe. “………Ultimate Terrain X has been designed from the ground up to take advantage of the new technologies in FSX, and provides the most superior and complete large terrain environment to date.

Using only the very highest quality commercial-source data, Ultimate Terrain X takes FSX’s terrain environment to new levels not seen before in a PC-based flight simulator.

Roads, rivers, streams, bridges, landclass, waterclass, and more are packed into Ultimate Terrain X transforming FSX both day and night!

Thought FSX was good? Ultimate Terrain is even better

The roads in FSX are a big improvement over FS2004. However, Ultimate Terrain X takes the roads one step further, by providing all the available road types from the TeleAtlas commercial data set, instead of just highways and most major roads as you get with the default sim.

Ultimate Terrain X’s road textures are very high resolution, matching FSX’s 1m landclass textures. Plus, the Ultimate Terrain X road texture types can be custom-configured.

Having improved road textures is nice. But what really make roads stand out with Ultimate Terrain X is the attention to detail, using road encasements and custom ground polygons for the interchange areas. This makes a huge difference in the urban road appearances.

For every major road and highway that crosses a water feature in Ultimate Terrain X, a 3D bridge is displayed. There are thousands of these bridge features in the USA alone.

Even dark tunnel entrances for those roads that disappear underground are included.

If you like the look of the moving road traffic in FSX, you will love the moving traffic in Ultimate Terrain X. Ultimate Terrain X greatly expands the moving traffic coverage areas in FSX….”.

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